Prime Care Managers
ACO Public Reporting


  • (1) Name and location:
      • Prime Care Managers, LLC
        4002 Technology Center
        Longview, TX 75605

  • (2) Primary contact:
      • John D. Ford / CEO

  • (3) Organizational information, including all of the following:

    • (i) Identification of ACO participants.
      • Brookridge Internal Medicine Associates
      • Darren Arnecke
      • Dr Bart Pruitt, PLLC
      • East Texas Clinic Association
      • Family Medical Associates, PA
      • Gary White
      • Marshall Family Practice Associates, PLLC
      • Oge Family Medical Clinic, PLLC
      • Paul Meriwether
      • Phynet Inc.
      • Sreemannaryana Jampana
      • Troyce Williams
      • Vahid Bagherian
      • Whelchel Primary Care Medicine, PA

    • (ii) Identification of participants in joint ventures between ACO professionals and hospitals.

    • (iii) Identification of the members of its governing body.
      • Ted Trimble
      • Board Officer
      • ACO Participant Representative

      • John Ford
      • Board Chair
      • Stakeholder Representative

      • James Mauldin
      • Board Officer
      • Medicare Beneficiary Representative

      • Darren Arnecke
      • Board Officer
      • ACO Participant Representative

      • Brenda Vozza-Zeid
      • Board Officer
      • ACO Participant Representative

    • (iv) Identification of key clinical and administrative leadership.
      • John D. Ford / CEO
      • Joan Gale / VP of Clinical Integration
      • Dan Duffee / VP of Program Development

    • (v) Identification of associated committees and committee leadership.

    • (vi) Identification of the types of ACO participants or combinations of ACO participants
      (as listed in § 425.102(a)) that formed the ACO.

  • (4) Shared savings and losses information, including the following:
      • To be completed after the conclusion of the performance year.

    • (i) Amount of any payment of shared savings received by the ACO or shared losses owed to CMS.

    • (ii) Total proportion of shared savings invested in infrastructure, redesigned care processes and other resources required to support the three-part aim goals of better health for populations, better care for individuals and lower growth in expenditures, including the proportion distributed among ACO participants.

  • (5) The ACO’s performance on all quality measures.
      • To be completed after the conclusion of the performance year.

  • (6) Use of payment rule waivers under § 425.612, if applicable.
      • To be completed after the conclusion of the performance year.